Our client Dash Solutions has achieved AWS Healthcare Competency status

Team Work Spirit is happy to share the great news with you: our client Dash Solutions has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Competency status!

We’ve been working since August 2018 together. Team Work Spirit has been helping Dash Solutions with full-stack development and DevOps engineering.

We started working when Dash Solutions just started building their product. We passed tough times together, we’ve overcome the problems every startup faced: building MVP, attracting clients, developing the product despite financial issues, getting stronger… And finally, Dash Solutions has got Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Competency status. It means Dash demonstrated proven customer success and technical proficiency in automating HIPAA-compliance configuration and monitoring for the public cloud.

Thanks to Dash Solutions Inc., time- and cost-effective HIPAA-compliance management is available for medical institutions all over the US. And team Work Spirit is proud of having designed and built the infrastructure, set up and automated the workflow.