Team Work Spirit Receives an Incredible Review for Stellar Custom Software Development Services on Clutch’s Platform

If you take a look at leading companies and businesses in the market, you can notice that they all have an overwhelming online presence. From websites, software, applications, and more, these companies know that the future is digital! A lot of businesses have been following this trend that’s why the development industry has been skyrocketing in the last few years or so.

At the center of this digital uprising is Team Work Spirit. Founded in 2017, we are a team of experts with an extensive background in software development, system architecture design and implementation, project management, and QA. Apart from developing incredible software and solutions, our team also cares about developing meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients.

From web development to DevOps, our team is brimming with talents that rival some of the best developers in the industry.

Today, we want to focus on our recent Clutch review! An online healthcare agency has partnered with us to develop and build the client’s core infrastructure from an application layer level as well as in the network and DevOps layer. The goal of this solution is to help offset some of the time and resources of the client’s internal technical team.

The project is still ongoing and the key deliverables are sprint tickets every two weeks. This is a unique and powerful DevOps infrastructure that jived perfectly for the client and for our team. So far, we’ve managed to achieve a 30% reduction in the client’s process time. We’ve also helped the client in delivering better and more secure connectivity through their system.

Here is Nick Hebert, the Head of Engineering over at Impakt Health to talk about his experience with our team:

“I have developed lifelong friendships with each member of the team. You are not going to develop friendships with a contractor unless they have your best interest in mind. I always feel like they are trying to do their best to help support our goals.”

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Do you need a capable development partner for your next project? Give our office a call and we’ll g back to you as soon as possible.